Got to love the Bad Lands

  OK so all might not know I love to find wild life and love to take photos of them. Well I been to Rocky Mountain National Park and sat for hours trying to get a picture of a big horn sheep and never have.

Can you imagine my surprise when I drive around and corner and see four soaking up the sun and munching on the grass. Wow it was so exciting to be able to just take all the pictures I wanted. Then after about 150 pictures we headed to Mount Rushmore.

We have been there before so we took a few photos and headed back to Custer State park to hunt the buffalo. This was our 2 complete drive though the park and we have not seen any. Well we finally found ONE !!!

They have a herd of 1300 and we could only find one. Well we started out the park and a car was stopped in the middle of the road and was backing up with a big buffalo right in front of it. The panic could be seen on the passengers face she rolled down her window and asked what do we do now. I told Them to just drive around it slowly. So they started around it and when they got halfway around it they punched the gas . Little did the know when we got up the next hill I think all the rest of the herd was waiting on them and us. It was great !

A Day Ride Though Custer State Park

We had a great day in Custer state park . We saw Pierre dogs,big horn sheep, burros, hawks, pronghorn and white tail deer. We driving to the Bad Lands tomorrow morning to do some hikes. Haha guess we will do some easy ones (not really). Then after that we will are going to Mount Rushmore for the afternoon before heading back to the camper. What can I say we been in one place for 3 nights time to move on. Were to next you might ask ? Well we plan to head to the town Red lodge were we will camp and then drive  the Bear Tooth Highway. I had been wanting to drive it for a lot of years but it always was covered with snow. Well maybe this year I can drive it. Then to Yellowstone.

Oregon Trail

Today Took Photos While Driving And Hiking

Well we went hiking today . We went on 2 different trails the first one was a very easy loop about 1 1/2 miles long with a good uphill grade. Copper kept wanting to pull us along . He is really getting the hang of traveling. He loves to just jump up while we going down the road and start barking at the truck,cows and sometimes things we can’t see. We trying to teach him not to bark but we let him growl. I played with the video camera to day. Still trying to learn how to use it with out making you think your in a boat or a roller coaster. I took some pictures today that i will be posting soon I hope . I see internet is not so easy to come by while on the road .Oh yea we did go on the Oregon Trail . We found our landmarks as needed to get us to a place called Toadstool Park in the Oglala Grassland the far northwestern Nebraska. Below is some of the lane marks.


We on the right path


There it is chimney rock onward to Scott’s Bluff.


We Made it this far !!


Who is leading this Train.

Along The Roadside

Hi all!  We really getting in the hang of this trip. We  are working out some bugs.  (haha no pun here !! ). We learning were to put stuff and how to find it once we do that. You just don’t know how little space you got for a lot of stuff. But we are getting there. We drove a lot today but we get to do some stopping to see some roadside attractions. How about a big ball of in Cawker City its 43 feet in Circumference .




Hey check out the people names and home towns above us . Guess they were ready for a Out West Vacation. Got to love them !!


Have you been in there center of some things ? How about the center of the United States ! Check this out.


Day 1 1/2

Hi! We are in Salina Kansas we drove though Texas ,Oklahoma,and now we spending the night. Tomorrow we will be driving to Scotts Bluff national monument . It’s one of the landmarks that the pioneers wrote about on the Oregon Trail. Just think we drove 15 hours and did what it would have took them 30 days. Its about 9:00 here so  going to get the cameras ready for tomorrow. I want to start takin some pictures.

Count Down

Wow  19 Days left. Then we will be on the road to places unknown to us. Where will we be and what will we see and of course what will we eat and who will we meet? Oh how exciting is this going to be. We will be looking for Scott’s Bluff just like the pioneers did in their covered wagons. Who knows we might even see some pioneers along the trails as we travel along. So I guess a better get to work getting the last details done so we can leave on time.

Hello world!

We counting down the days till we leave on a 32 day trip. We still have a lot of things to get ready on the camper and truck before we can leave but we will be ready !!Today is August 7 we will be leaving on August 31st about 9 am we will be trying to get to Oklahoma before we stop for the will be 2 driving days for sure. We will be the pioneers of 2016. We will be doing a lot better than the pioneers in 1800.we will be covering more miles in one day than they did in about 40 days.