Its time to start getting ready!

WOW !!

Can you believe its been 8 months since the last trip out west.

Blowing in the wind

Well that means i only have 3 months to get ready for the September 2017 trip . So what do i have to do the next 3 months. Well lets see lets make a list shall we. First i need to get the camper remodel completed.Painting the cabinets, hooking up the sink plumbing, finishing the table top and counter top,cleaning the camper inside and out. OK i got that no problem.  (Ha so I think).Well what else oh yea some were to go.  No problem  lets see we can go west of the Mississippi River. Yea that’s what I’am talking about. Yea but were! Guess i need to start asking every one for ideas. I’am sure I will get plenty of great ideas of were to go and what to see from all my friends.Just think i can find lots of Taco trucks to eat at. Oh I can’t wait. Well lets think now what else? Pack up and leave after saying all our goodbyes. then drive of in the sunset.

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