Oregon Trail

Today Took Photos While Driving And Hiking

Well we went hiking today . We went on 2 different trails the first one was a very easy loop about 1 1/2 miles long with a good uphill grade. Copper kept wanting to pull us along . He is really getting the hang of traveling. He loves to just jump up while we going down the road and start barking at the truck,cows and sometimes things we can’t see. We trying to teach him not to bark but we let him growl. I played with the video camera to day. Still trying to learn how to use it with out making you think your in a boat or a roller coaster. I took some pictures today that i will be posting soon I hope . I see internet is not so easy to come by while on the road .Oh yea we did go on the Oregon Trail . We found our landmarks as needed to get us to a place called Toadstool Park in the Oglala Grassland the far northwestern Nebraska. Below is some of the lane marks.


We on the right path


There it is chimney rock onward to Scott’s Bluff.


We Made it this far !!


Who is leading this Train.

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